What is considered neutrals and can make good leopard print partners.

What is considered neutrals and can make good leopard print partners.

Many times leopard print can be too much a certain outfit, but over the year I have developed an eye to see what can be considered neutrals to be partners with a leopard print piece.

All black. I have often went with the all black outfit and gave it the pop of leopard shoes which gives the outfit a very classy look. I’ll attach a picture below

The all black solid dark color with the leopard, is very classy in my opinion. Now of course you can Not supplement the all black with another dark color because that will look tacky. For ex: you can put all navy blue, or all gray. That will just not tie in together because the leopard is Black and Tan color.

You can mix and match with leopard but know to pick neutral colors for example this is an example of an outfit I love that I got off jlj

She has denim and white which both neutral colors and classy sight he leopard shoes. To tie everything together. White can go with just about anything. Different from adding navy blue or gray this outfit wouldn’t have looked as great as she looks here.
And of course denim denim is the REAL NEUTRAL OF FASHION!
Here is another example of all denim worth he pop of leopard you want to look fashionable fierce and classy!

ONE COLOR I ENCOURAGE HIGHLY WITH LEOPARD. And the only color besides the neutrals is is RED! I personally if I have a dinner, or a special occasion I refer to this looks simply because I am obsessed and I will attach different example of RED! With leopard shoes. This can go with casual or formal. Red and leopard if worn right are unbeatable, unforgettable looks!

Red and leopard for formal

Leopard is very appealing print for a woman to wear, you just have to know when and what to wear it with. Consider it a secret weapon leopard print can give you the attention in a crowd you want to get IF WORN RIGHT and not abused with wrong colors or combination.

I hope you ladies enjoyed today’s blog! If I missed anything or you have any advice for me to follow with leopard prints! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch through the DM of the website or social media(:

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