What is trust in today generation?

What is trust in today generation?



In our society whether it’s in the USA or all over the world! Trust has become a huge issue.

Today we will be focusing on the general term trust. And what people think of it? Do they still value it? Where does it stand in relationships? And most importantly families?

I have spoken to many different people, asked their point of view, and tried to evaluate what they say as well as placing these people into groups.


When the age group of 13-15 years old was asked if they could explain trust to us. Their answers were summarized in one sentence which was to tell people you love your secrets.

When 16-24-year-old group was asked what is trust their answers were that trust is the base of every good friendship, and a lot answered trusting your soul mate in not cheating on you.

When the group of 25& up mostly male were asked the same question they answered “ I don’t believe in trust. It’s a word used too loosely and not enough people know its true meaning

Many people were asked and what was interesting is most of the age groups had The same opinions. The 10-15 focused on friendships.

” trust is like an eraser. It gets smaller and smaller after every mistake :

16-24 had also just about the same opinion that its important in a relationship. However, when the age started going up and people got older, between 26-46, people seemed discouraged and disappointed with each other.

When I re interviewed the same people from the 3rd age group and asked them what do they wish for, the change in peoples’ action, their response differed in showing care, honesty, and to people putting energy in any kind of friendship or relationship to make it grow. New generations are given bad examples that families aren’t built on trust anymore nor are relationships between parents and children, kids and their friends. And lovers and their mates.

Of course we can’t interview the whole world, to come to a fact or know every single person’s opinion.

But it is obvious that something is missing or not valued in the word trust and maybe that will light to an issue people don’t seem to be aware of.

The question is what’s your opinion on trust?

What is missing in this generation?

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