what to get him for/ plans valentines

what to get him for/ plans valentines

This year you are looking for something extra special for your special someone, and you are questioning your self what to get him, or what should you do extra ordinary ?

well i will come straight forward and cut to the chase this valentines you will blow his mind! with these ideas.

  1. If you are planing on staying in, you can never go wrong with a stay at home cook romantic  dinner and candles.
  2. has he been looking for something specific maybe ( Alexa or google home are popular) i wouldn’t recommend a gift card there is no thought into that.  also if you want to take the time and custom make something with his name on it.
  3. perhaps he has been wanting something for his ” gun ” ( if he is into guns)
  4. fancy dinner is something sweet for him to invite you too but it is your job to look the best you have ever looked for him ( treat him afterwards)
  5. blowing up a picture of you two in a big frame, or maybe even getting him the slide show frames of all the great times you have spent together.
  6. i would recommend including you two together in the present ” you two’s picture on a phone cover” it is valentines not his birthday so you have to be present in the present hehe
  7. Home made cake by you is also a great sweet way to show care.
  8. put the kids at your mom’s or his mom’s and spend that quality time.
  9. write a letter, this may seem corny but guys like sweet messages that remind them you are never too old for these things so don’t hesitate to go for it
  10. last and but not least it is simple but if you put your thought into what he needs or have been looking into buying and you beating him to it i am sure he would appreciate very much.

don’t forget to express your love to each other in the traditional lovers way and Happy valentines. 🙂

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