What to pack for a business and personal trip at the same time?

What to pack for a business and personal trip at the same time?

Alright, ladies how many times before you travel you freak out because you don’t know what to take with you on a trip, or even what’s essential?

Been there! I have traveled all over with little as much as a duffel bag, that will fit under your seat in the airplane. Travel time was about 10 days.

Well how did I do that? Especially that my traveling included professional meetings and some tourism.

Well let’s start off about how I choose essentials. First and for most, I get the least of make up but can be used for my whole look. Foundation, eyeliner. And mascara. That’s all

Being overseas people wouldn’t expect you showing up in full look. And if you do it’s going to look as doing too much. So make up least as possible.

Often when I’m traveling I get my nails done gel nail polish which usually lasts about 2 weeks, but ladies I have extended it to last about a month. I choose the French nail polish. It’s professional, clean and classy and matches with everything.

Got that out of the way I pack my deodorant, tooth brush and paste. And lotion with high scent since I can’t have perfume on the plane. Travel size flat iron ( you can curl your hair with a flat iron too) and a brush.

Now that grooming is covered.

I choose outfits that can be used for a double looks. As well as solid colors. Or pastel colors they also match everything.

One white blazer usually.

Ellen Tracy tights ( can be worn formal and casual)

One black T ( can be worn formal and casual)

Black heels, pair of tennis shoes or loafers.

Loafers can be worn both casual and formal.

White T to switch between oufits.

One blue jeans. One jean shorts.

One gray Ellen Tracy tights.

Couple of thick strap tank tops gray, black , or white.

Last but not least. A colorful romper or a sun dress

This was my whole choices for the trip.

And believe me switching between all of this back and forth I was able to make plenty of outfits!

I will include pictures below.

I hope you enjoyed. Pack light you won’t feel lost about what To wear.

I hope you enjoyed today’s Blog. Enjoy your trip!

And next week I’ll discuss on how to fold

The luggage in a way to earn the most space.

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