Where has society messed up?

Where has society messed up?


Where has society messed up?


First we ought to ask our self should we judge parents for their child’s behavior?

At a certain point yes and at the same time No ! even if you had children and raised many you still haven’t experience every child! So judging the parents isn’t always the best thing. A parent could be doing everything in their power to whether control their child or teach them the right thing. However, somethings just can’t be handled by the parent while the child spends 7 hours of the day at school learning impolite behaviors from other children. Keep in consideration that kids now days have access to internet, social media, and much more. it is very hard for a parent to control their child and disciplining them, so give them credit where they deserve it.

However, on the other side you have to also keep in mind that kids can’t raise kids so part of the reason for all these unacceptable behaviors that children are doing come from their house hold. When a 14-year-old child has a baby; she obviously doesn’t know much about the world and has to raise herself at that moment and raise the baby! Due to the influence she got at school and her friends teaching her what is so called to be cool for her to have sex at such a young age. Now she isn’t only raising a baby but that causes more and more problems not only for her but many other that think it’s okay what she has done.


Sexualizing our children many times now you open social media accounts and find these 5 and 6-year-old girls dresses in tight clothe posing such like celebrities or all other 17 and 18 year old to focus on their body. These actions are not okay! Teaching our kids that looks and sexual behaviors are more important than education and god is not okay! Those are the reasons why we have become the society we are today. Women have less respect to themselves men have less respect to women and less respect to man hood!

Generations have changed, school have changed, and parenting has changed but change isn’t always good!

Loosing values to our body and ourselves. Loosing hope to provide our children a well bonded family isn’t the best. And men losing their respect as man and their word isn’t something to be shown off. Unless people try to change for the better our society will keep on going downhill.


How should we change?

focus on religion more, teach our kids about valuing their body, our girls to wait for the true love and encourage them to wait until marriage.

Spend more time as a family teach them the importance of a family bond.

Teach our boys what’s it really to be a man? bringing a child into this world and not looking after him is not what a man is. Teach them the important of man hood and that not everything is about sex and sleeping around with women.

Teach the new generation that respecting each other as human beings.