Who is alena


First came to the public eye in the early 2013. her beauty was the eye taker of all site now landing her Instagram at 250k and still growing.

this Russian model stuns many with her beautiful long hair and big black eyes. not to mention her beautiful figure. To many she is mysterious and not a lot is known about her; Even though Alena shares a lot of pictures on social media yet her life is still very private.  we know that her home land is Moscow Russia and that is where she spends most of her time. while traveling over 67 countries and sharing different pictures with her fans on social media 

we were able to discover many details about the mysterious model. she assured her fans that her favorite roses were the yellow roses,and that she is a pet lover while owning a dog of her own!

she has modeled for many pages and brands on social media such as @podrygkashop, Loreal, weddings designer dresses, jewelry and many more…

she comes from a christian decent of religion while on many christian holidays she has congratulated her fans. as well as flaunting a cross around her neck showing the religion she practices.

she is mostly known for flaunting the beautiful designer clothe she wears. Alena seems to adore the classy looks and relaxed colors, such as pink and white while in winter leaning towards black and brown mostly. As she has added previously and displayed Louis Vuitton seems to be the model’s favorite as she has wore his pieces more then most designers as we can see and conclude the model has a expensive taste and classy one as well.

As family wise Alena has a son of her own DANIEL as she congratulated all the parents around the world while she poses by her teenage son on his first day of school. As well as included some pictures of him stating under it ” what are you children interested in ” in the Russian language.

as we know she is fluent in both of the languages Russian, and English the top model mom is loved by many, her magnificent beauty and beautiful smile leaves many speechless we hope her social media and amazing modeling career grows more and more!!!

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