Why is it important to wear Feminine clothing  ,heels and take care of our appearance.

Why is it important to wear Feminine clothing ,heels and take care of our appearance.

ladies you must of heard the quote always dress nice you never know who you will meet. I100% agree with this quote also I want to explain why it is important to implement heels and feminine pieces in our every day style even if it is casual. A small list of reasons and to assure you ladies that you are doing this for you!

  1. psychologically speaking when a woman dresses up she feels empowered and emotionally better about herself.
  2. Starting a habit such as that makes and drags even more good habits
  3. people look at you differently and that may open more doors for you professionally
  4. never caught with an ugly picture again.
  5. and many more reasons why you always want to look elegant

Some comments when I explain that heels are very important and sexy for a woman I get the reply ” well what if its a casual setting or everyday work environment” we are in an environment where dressing up or dressing nice to highlight your femininity is frowned up on because its not feminist or our looks shouldn’t matter. I strongly disagree, our looks matter and I am not saying got do plastic surgeries or change yourself for anyone but do change yourself for YOU! I implement heels in my everyday life even on my casual days I might just tone it down with the accessories, but heels are always present if I can.

I found a trick for my style since I work in a casual environment I wear jeans with a cute top and pop a cute pair of heels on this way I am not over dressed but I also am highlighting my outfit with a classy piece. Some may say they don’t like to wear heels and they are on their feet all day; and i understand that ladies. In that case we illuminate the heels and supplement a cute white tennis shoes or flats, but to add the since of classiness and elegance we add a nice blazer that will highlight your waist.

improving yourself and your looks will only do that and more, and that doesn’t have to mean you have to spend a lot of money on clothing they are many brands and places you can buy essential pieces to go with your everyday looks that aren’t an arm and a leg.

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